Senior Staff

(Photo: Lonnie Woods III)

Jean Denis

Director of Management Information Systems

As director of management information systems, Jean E. Denis oversees Africare’s corporate information system, software and hardware operations, system security, and IT personnel and consultants. Mr. Denis has worked in the development field as an IT professional for more than 20 years and before being promoted, served as an information systems specialist in Rwanda as an administrative officer for Africare.

Before joining Africare, Mr. Denis worked with the Defense Logistics Agency as an application programmer.  He also worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal, serving in the villages of Batal and Dakar designing and implementing income-generation activities.

Mr. Denis holds a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications from Indiana University where he minored in mathematics and computer science.  He is trained in Lawson Financial Management, Novell Network Administration, AS/400 Administration, RPG, and Delphi programming languages as well as Visual Studio.Net 2008 and 2010, Alpha 5, IBM DB/2 databases, VMWARE, Windows 2008 Server, MS SQL Server 2008 and Google Apps. 




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