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Dr. Darius Mans President   President's Corner>>

Dr. Darius Mans is the president of Africare where he is responsible for the leadership and growth of our multicultural organization. Dr. Mans came to Africare in 2010 with over 30 years of development experience.  Prior to joining Africare, he served as acting chief executive officer of Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).



Kendra E. Davenport Chief of Staff and Chief Development & Communications Officer

As Africare’s chief of staff and chief development and communications officer, Davenport provides oversight and leadership to staff and monitors day to day business operations at Africare headquarters, as well as leading a comprehensive development program to cultivate and diversify individual, corporate and foundation support, and to develop new partnerships. Davenport is also responsible for the management and strategic direction of Africare’s online and print publications, and media and public relations.



Dexter Lockamy Chief Financial Officer

Dexter Lockamy is Africare's chief financial officer. He oversees the financial activities, management and budgeting of the organization.


Earlene Barnes Senior Director of Human Resources and Administration

Earlene Barnes is Africare’s senior director of human resources (HR) and administration, where she leads human resources and administration services for both domestic and international operations, ensuring that human resources and administration plans support Africare’s goals, attract and retain outstanding talent, and comply with regulatory requirements.



Eric Lundgren Director of International Programs and Monitoring & Evaluation

As director of international programs and monitoring & evaluation, Eric Lundgren manages a portfolio of international initiatives and works closely with our African country offices. Mr. Lundgren has over 15 years of experience managing development projects and organizations in a broad range of sectors and geographic areas. 



Dr. Nene Diallo Acting Director of Health

Dr. Nene Diallo, MPH, MD is the acting director of Africare’s Office of Health & HIV/AIDS, where she is responsible for directing health program content, implementing and evaluating programs, and managing Africare’s health portfolio.



Noubia Gribi Acting Director of Agriculture & Food Security

As Africare's acting director of Agriculture & Food Security, Noubia Gribi directs and develops Africare's agriculture portfolio.



Jean E. Denis Director of Management Information Systems

Jean E. Denis is the director of management information systems at Africare where he oversees the operation of the corporate information system, software and hardware operations, system security and management of the IT personnel and consultants.

Mr. Denis has worked in the development field as an IT professional for more than 20 years and before being promoted, served as an information systems specialist spending three years in Rwanda as an administrative officer for Africare.


Africare's Senior Management Team is based out of our international headquarters in Washington, D.C. To reach Africare's Africa-based staff, please visit Where We Work.