Thinking of You Dad:  100 Years of Celebrating Fathers
It was only one-hundred years ago, during a 1909 sermon in Washington State , that the idea of Father’s Day was born. A young woman, inspired to find a new way to say “thank you” to a very special man in her life, decided that the best way to show her gratitude was by setting aside an entire day, Father’s Day! The country followed suit, and now pays tribute to fathers with one special day set aside for Dad each year.
How will you say “thank you” to Dad this year?

Why not tell that special Dad in your life “thank-you” with a unique gift through an Africare Father’s Day Donation. 


  • $5 can provide seeds, supplies and training for a backyard garden, which can help meet the nutrition needs of children orphaned by AIDS and their caregivers.


  • $10 can save a child’s life by purchasing, delivering and educating a family about the proper use of a mosquito net.


  • $100 can cover the school tuition of one out-of-school youth for an entire year!


  • $500 can provide access to clean water for 250 people with a spring catchment well!

Just like dad, you can change a life:  Whether it’s $5, $500, or somewhere in-between, your gift to dad this year will support Africare’s continued work to improve the quality of life for the people in Africa !

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Africare's Approach
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