"Just for you, Mom"
Celebrate Your Mom and Mothers in Africa on May 11th!
Just like your mom did everything she could to help you succeed, mothers in Africa are doing all they can to make a better life for their children, but they have unique challenges.


  • Nearly every day is "bring your child to work" day for many mothers in Africa who spend 50+ hours a week digging and planting in the fields with their babies strapped to their backs.
  • Mothers in Africa may have to walk several miles a day just to gather a single jug of water for their families, water not always safe for drinking or cooking.
  • Millions of mothers in Africa struggle to put food on the table-- especially during today's food crisis.  Good nutrition is a luxury for many families.


Like mothers everywhere, African mothers are the backbone of the family and the lifelines of the continent.


Food. Water. Support:  Show your love for your mom and all the women who have enriched your life by helping a mother in Africa . Your gift to Mom this year can do what it's never done before-- change a life, change a community, change a continent. 
Make a donation today to celebrate mothers from the U.S. to Africa !
Dodoma, Tanzania
Photo by Shannon Jensen