What is Pass It On! ???
In less than two weeks Africare will launch an exciting new campaign to connect you to people overcoming major challenges impacting the African continent-- issues like unsafe drinking water, food insecurity, and the growing number of children orphaned by AIDS.
Our new Pass It On!campaign will carry these messages around the world through a series of powerful testimonies and unique stories told directly by the individuals who see, work with, or benefit from Africare's assistance on the ground. The stories come from more than 20 African nations, covering a variety of key issues. They all carry positive messages of growth and empowerment on the African continent! 
Beginning September 1st, Africare will introduce you to a new story— once a month for 16 months— from a child, grandmother or Africare staff member who will “have something to tell you” about the important work Africare is implementing on the ground.  Each will be packaged in a format that is ready to “pass on” to a friend or someone you know through video, social network, and even your phone! And if you live in Washington , DC , you’ll see our stories on buses and in Metro stations across the city.

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  You'll meet inspirational people like Fatimata Yero, the first female auto mechanic in Niger, and 7-year old Esther and 9-year old David who are excelling in school despite unimaginable hardships.

This grassroots effort puts you at the heart of the campaign. Every minute of your time spent “passing on” a story and every dollar donation to fund a project keeps the Africare story alive!  Join our cause today with confidence, knowing that Africare is a leader in development aid and humanitarian assistance in Africa and dedicates 93 cents of every dollar raised to its programs.
Let the countdown to “Pass It On!” begin!
Only 12 days until a new story reaches you.  Get started now, and pass this message on to a friend. Make sure they sign up to receive these monthly inspirational stories, and keep the Africare story going…

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Africare's Approach

Africare helps Africa . A leader among private, charitable U.S. organizations assisting Africa, Africare is also the oldest and largest African-American led organization in the field — and Africa is Africare's specialty. Africare programs are in the following broad areas: health and HIV/AIDS, food security and agriculture, water resource development, environmental management, literacy and vocational training, microenterprise development, civil society development, governance and emergency response. Learn More.
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