February 2009

"Africare cares for me! Day by day I am growing..."
 Leusia, Age 5  Angola

This year, send a Valentine to Africa!
A small donation can go a long way toward changing a life in Africa . YOU can make that difference today! $10 can buy a bed net that protects a mother and child from malaria-infected mosquitoes; $50 can feed a family for a month; $100 can pay vocational school fees for an out-of-school youth.*
There are many ways to make a difference!

Please make a donation to Africare this Valentine's Day and help us improve lives and build futures across the African continent.



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For more information about Africare, visit us on-line at www.africare.org
* All Valentine's Day donations will go where the need is greatest.
"There are children like me all over Africa who are anxiously waiting for a chance:  A chance to go back to school, a chance to be healthy…a chance to be a kid!"
Anesu, Age 15
"Africare is a parent to me!  They took me up and made me a success!" 
Edwina, Age 17
"Africare cares for me!  Day by day I am growing..."
Leusia, Age 5


For more information about Africare, visit us on-line at www.africare.org 
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