June 2010


Two harsh seasons of drought and floods left Ousseini Yade of Tillabéri Region, Niger, with no harvest to sell or food to feed his family. His family drastically reduced the food they consumed, nearly starving themselves in order to preserve seed for the annual harvest.

Africare selected Ousseini’s household after it was classified as one of the most food insecure households in the area. An Africare project provided Ousseini with red bean seeds and agricultural training to survive during severe shortages. In a short time, he and his family were able to benefit from the grains they sowed and could even help others.

This Africare project improved food coverage and increased agricultural productivity for over 2,000 vulnerable households. That number increases every day with the help of farmers like Ousseini who are passing on their knowledge to others.
Here you can read a detailed account of Ousseini's special partnership with Aricare, view photos, videos and more!

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