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What is Pass It On?

It’s Africare's way of connecting YOU to people and their stories of overcoming major challenges impacting the African continent, challenges such as no access to safe water, food insecurity, and the growing number of children orphaned by AIDS. From the first female mechanic in Niger to a farmer who can now feed his family, each person will have “something to tell you” about the success of Africare programs on the ground.

How do the stories make their way from Africa to the rest of the world?

Through you and a network of people who are passionate about telling Africa’s story. Sixteen stories, one a month beginning on Sept. 1, will come to you from several Africare countries carrying a positive message of growth and empowerment on the continent. Each story is ready to “pass on” to a friend or someone you know through video, social network, e-mail or even your phone!

You make the difference!

This grassroots effort puts you at the heart of this effort. Every minute of your time spent “passing on” a story and every dollar donation to fund a project keeps the Africare story alive! Join our cause with confidence, knowing that Africare is a leader in development aid and humanitarian assistance in Africa and dedicates 93 cents of every dollar to its programs.

Get started now!

Start reading our Pass It On! stories and then pass them on to a friend. Together, we can keep the Africare story going...