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Civil-Society Capacity Building

Africare Civil Society

Designing a World of New Opportunities

Afisu Aminou is a dynamic 23 year old living in Niamey, Niger.  When Africare first met him through his youth association, FADA, he was unemployed and had no type of training to qualify him for jobs. Africare introduced FADA to Peace through Development. Read more>>


Democracy With a Small "d"

In Benin, from 1994 to 2001, Africare supported the development of indigenous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) into effective advocates of local interests. Read more >>

FEATURE STORY: "Dawn of a New Era" in South Africa

With Nelson Mandela's 1990 release from prison, the repeal of the last apartheid laws, the unbanning of political parties in South Africa and, finally, the country's first free elections in April 1994, South Africa stood at the dawn of a new era. Read more >>


Toward Democracy in Rwanda

In the spring of 1999, Rwanda held its first-ever popular elections of local government officials. A grassroots leadership base, numbering 160,000 nationwide, thereby came into power.

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