Photo: African Barrick Gold

Africa holds the majority of the world's mineral deposits and is a huge opportunity area for the mining sector. However, mining enterprises must understand the beliefs of local stakeholders and be willing to cooperatively address shared challenges. While expanding business, mining companies can bring profound long-term benefits to communities by creating employment, transferring skills, enhancing health and education services, improving infrastructure and catalyzing economic development. Companies and communities can benefit each other.

Africare explores partnerships with private sector companies that share the vision of building local capacity and strengthening institutions in Africa. Africare ensures that projects align with responsible mining operational criteria outlined by international bodies such as the International Council for Mining and Minerals and the African Union, and Africare's wide-ranging expertise provides strategic opportunities for responsible mining companies to drive sustainable development in the communities they reach.

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The shifting paradigm: A new landscape for collaboration

Africare's Director of International Programs, Eric Lundgren, describes how non-profits and private sector mining companies can partner to promote economic opportunity for local communities.