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In the wake of Nelson Mandela's passing, the Africare/Benin office remembers him this way:

Dear Nelson Mandela,
You have worked for many years for our nation. Today is the one to honor you. May God bless you for everything you have done for us, especially African people. May God once again grant to your family long life and protect them.

– Mireille Padonou

Quels mots peuvent-ils nous permettre de traduire à l’endroit du Président Nelson Mandela la gratitude des Africains en général et plus spécifiquement celle des millions de bénéficiaires des interventions d’Africare? Nous chercherons durant des heures, jours, semaines et années sans être satisfaits d’avoir trouvé les mots les plus appropriés. Président Mandela, votre départ de ce monde sera non seulement une lourde perte mais aussi un grand défi, celui de continuer par faire prospérer vos idéaux et réalisations. C’est le vrai défi, mais nous pensons, fort des orientations obtenues de vous, tenir la route et le relever. Merci Président Mandela!
– Littoral

C’est avec un cœur très serré que nous regrettons votre départ de ce monde. Nous demandons à Dieu le Tout Miséricordieux  de vous Accepter dans le royaume des cieux.
– Kalid Biga

We have no fear, your time on earth is beautiful and beneficial for the world. Your way is starry, you are great and useful, you are a star for the world. God take care of you well.
The Africare-Benin staff love you very much and thank you.

– Papi


Africare began operations in Benin in 1992.

Since that time, Africare/Benin has invested approximately $111,000,000 through projects addressing…

• Family Planning
• Malaria
• Maternal and Child Health
• Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
• Women’s Empowerment

Success in Benin

Based on Africare’s high performance as the principal recipient for an earlier Round 3 grant and on the potential for the project to continue creating a measurable impact on malaria, the Global Fund declared Benin eligible for continuing funding through a Rolling Continuation Channel and chose Africare as the principal recipient. Africare/Benin manages sub-grantees including the National Malaria Control Program, promotes universal coverage of long-lasting insecticide-treated bed nets (LLITNs), and assists in the improvement of case management of children under 5 and malaria prevention during pregnancy in 20 out of Benin’s 34 health zones.

Africare/Benin was featured in the documentary “Les Faucheurs de Palu” (“The Malaria Reapers”), highlighting best practices in rolling back malaria in Benin in 2009. Africare’s work has contributed to key behavior changes in malaria prevention. From 2001 to 2011:

• The percentage of households in target areas with at least one LLITN increased from 5% to 80%.
• The percentage of children under the age of 5 that slept under a LLITN the night before an assessment interview increased from 4% to 71% (project target was 50%).
• The percentage of pregnant women that slept under a LLITN the night before an assessment interview increase from 4% to 76% (project target was 50%).