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In the wake of Nelson Mandela's passing, the Africare/Chad office remembers him this way:

Homage to Nelson Mandela

Eternal seed of hope for the persecuted
For those who dwell in the hole of despair, a ray of light shone
For those who were about to lose heart, a message of hope came
Madiba, that’s his name, rose from the persecuted herds
To the desperate his rise brought light and hope
Darkness and wickedness fled away
Injustice and persecution vanished before him
As the sun rises again and again in the morning
The seeds Madiba sowed are eternal
You dwell for eternity the symbol of liberty.


Africare was operating in Chad as early as 1973 and officially opened its country office in N’Djamena in October 1983.

Since beginning operations in the country, Africare/Chad has invested more than $31,000,000 implementing projects addressing…

• Agriculture & Food Security
• Community Capacity-Building
• Credit and Microcredit
• Health, HIV & AIDS
• Humanitarian and Emergency Relief
• Natural Resource Management
• Nutrition
• Private Sector Capacity
• Surface Water Management
• Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
• Women’s Empowerment

…reaching an estimated 3,500,000 beneficiaries.

Success in Chad

Africare implemented an Onchocerciasis or River Blindness program in the six southern regions of Chad from 1992 to 2003, greatly contributing to the eradication of the disease from the country. The success of the program prompted a visit to the Africare site in Doba, Chad by former United States President Jimmy Carter, and 2,673,994 people were treated over the course of the program in areas where the disease was endemic.

Africare’s construction of water retention infrastructure, such as dams and pastoral, domestic and vegetable garden wells, has received high praise from Chadians. Some Government of Chad officials consider Africare’s dams as “lakes in the desert.”

In its first three years, the IEEWEP project increased the incomes of more than 1,000 women in Southern Chad by an average of 70%, and these women now possess skills to continue improving their lives and their communities. In 2013, Africare partnered with Shea Touch, a Texas-based and Chadian-owned personal product brand, to contract IEEWEP women to produce key ingredients for the cosmetic products Shea Touch sells world-wide, creating an opportunity for IEEWEP beneficiaries to shatter the $2 per day income ceiling typical for women in the region.