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Malawi (Google Maps)


Africare began operations in Malawi in 1985.

Since that time, Africare/Malawi has implemented through projects addressing…

• Agriculture & Food Security
• Child Health
• Humanitarian and Emergency Relief
• Nutrition
• Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
• Women’s Empowerment

Success in Malawi

In July of 2009, Africare began implementing multifaceted strategies to show thousands of households how to maximize the benefits they derive from their limited resources. Community members, including 2,200 mother leaders, have been trained in feeding and sanitation measures to keep children nourished and healthy, and more than 21,000 households have improved maternal and child health and nutrition practices. Africare’s agriculture-focused interventions included mounting more than 200 demonstration plots, promoting conservation agriculture and watershed management, developing irrigation infrastructure and communicating the value of technologies such as hermitic bags for post-harvest handling. More than 20,000 smallholder farming households are now applying improved crop production practices. Africare also helped form 630 village savings and loan groups and trained their members on leadership, governance, recordkeeping, and borrowing and investing money. These groups, comprised of members from more than 14,000 households, have cumulatively saved $37,000 and secured $66,990 in loans to further invest in securing a prosperous future.