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Mozambique (Google Maps)


Africare began operations in Mozambique in 1984.

Since that time, Africare/Mozambique has implemented projects addressing…

• Agriculture & Food Security
• Economic Strengthening
• Maternal and Child Health
• Nutrition
• Orphans and Vulnerable Children
• Resettlement
• Tuberculosis Care
• Women’s Empowerment

Success in Mozambique

Through the SANA project, implemented in partnership with Save the Children and the Cooperative League of the USA, nearly 20,000 farmers in five districts have sharply improved their productivity, knowledge of sustainable farming techniques, soils, storage techniques, access to markets for sale of surpluses, food security and dietary variety within their families. An additional 80,000 beneficiaries are reached through interventions such as mother-to-mother support groups focusing on nutrition, child health, and savings and loans schemes.

Through the PCC project, Africare and its partners have strengthened the capacity of local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community volunteers in providing home-based care for HIV & AIDS clients, family nutrition and health services, and protection of orphans and vulnerable children through nutrition and access to social benefits such as education. At any one time, Africare’s network is assisting approximately 1,000 direct beneficiaries and 4,000 related beneficiaries in 10 districts of Manica Province.

Africare programs have also benefited more than 1,000 Mozambican families affected by infrastructure improvements, including roads, urban drainage projects, mining operations and rail line establishment. Africare assists the government and private firms in identifying affected families and ensuring the restoration of affected individuals’ livelihoods.