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Rwanda (Google Maps)


History of Africare in Rwanda

Africare began operations in Rwanda in 1982.

From 1982 to 2013, Africare/Rwanda invested approximately $24,000,000 through projects addressing…

• Agriculture & Food Security
• Education
• Housing Rehabilitation
• Humanitarian & Emergency Relief
• Infrastructure Development
• Local Government Capacity Building
• Microenterprise Development
• Natural Resource Management
• Nutrition
• Water, Sanitation & Hygiene
• Women’s Empowerment

…reaching an estimated 1,500,000 beneficiaries in almost all corners of the country’s economy.

Success in Rwanda

Africare's Ibyiringiro Project employed an integrated approach to providing food security and nutrition services for people living with HIV & AIDS. In partnership with Catholic Relief Services, this project reached more than 1,900 households in total. More than 7,200 beneficiaries received HIV prevention, care and support services; more than 4,350 orphans and vulnerable children received social support services; and approximately 32,000 community members participated in HIV & AIDS prevention and behavior change interventions through community mobile cinema. More than 2,560 beneficiaries received food and nutrition services. Sixty-nine co-operatives were formed and supported in starting income-generating activities, and more than 1,270 women are now involved in agricultural savings and loans schemes that have raised over $50,000 in local investment capital for microenterprise development.